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My name is Andrew Dixon and I produce engaging educational content that helps to connect people with nature and science. I love nothing more than discovering and sharing the unexpected stories that nature has to offer.

Graduating from the University of Cambridge in 2018 with a BA in Natural Sciences, I have experience working across multiple biological fields, from palaeontology to conservation.

 Following my undergrad, I studied for an MSc in Science Communication at Imperial College, graduating in 2019.

As a lover of nature, I have been lucky enough to visit some wonderfully wild spaces in my life, but I am also an ardent believer in our ability to find nature wherever we look for it.

From tropical jungles to towns and cities, nature is all around us and so are its stories.

Through a variety of mediums, from on-location shoots, to animation and podcasts, I have a passion for sharing the wonderful stories of our planet and the life that has called it home.


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